Never Enough Outdoors Presents

West Michigan Frost Bite Tournament Series

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 Going into the Reeds Lake Event the buzz going around was how tight this event was gonna be. Rewind back a few days before the event I had noticed allot of guys looking for that spot that may yeild those bigger fish, Dave and I were one of those teams.  I seen lots of holes being drilled and and lots of moving threw out the week. It just seemed to be the community hole would pump out the fish and if you could week threw enough of them you could pick off a good one here and there.

    During the event it seemed that there were 2 groups. I started out on the far end of the lake to find the fish we had put to bed moved in towards the shore and were moving fast. We were able to pick up some key fish then head in with the group around the pipe.  After arriving to the pipe I seen keith and Ron putting a clinic on. Those guys can really catch those fish event when the bite is tough and they have proved it 3 times know.

Congrates to those guys on there 3rd strait win, now that they offically have a target on there back mabe someone else can knock them out and take a win. One thing I do know about that team is were going into a body of water the Kniffens and Boedekers are very confident on so take some time head out and practice make those guys work for a win.
  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Jordan Lake can't wait to see were the championship lake is gonna be at.

 Thanks Never Enough Outdoors


1: Keith/Ron Kniffen     6.68    203

2: Tony/Brenda Borghi   6.29   202

3: Brandon Stanley/David Ousterhout   6.24    201

4: John/Scott Bondy    6.20    197

5: Jacob Shellenbarger/Ryan Whitlock  6.17  196

6: Chis Sadlowski/Jerry Rood     5.98    195

7: Larry Shatluck/Kendal Cahoon    5.80    194

8: Dave/Jan Boedeker      5.79     193

9:  Steph Sissell/Chad Schab   5.51    192

10: Bill Ferris/Robert Badder    5.21    191

11:  John Eiler/Kyle Ferris     5.03      190

12: Greg Bartlett/Andrew Berkobeing  4.68   189

13:  Nick Kuperus/ Tim Jewell    4.60   188

14: Brian/Jason Hanford    4.04     187

15: Justin Axteil/ Josh Deward    3.93      186

16:  Matt Pikaart/Joel Appel    2.98    185

17:  Matt Vanderjagt/Vincent Rodrigez    2.50     184

18: Lukus Lehman/Adam Peterson    1.89   183

19:  Bill Lehman/Don Ousterhout    1.11   182