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West Michigan Frost Bite Tournament Series

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Sessions Lake Results/Pictures and Video's

What a start to the 2014 Frost Bite Series. The morning was cold and the smell of coffee was in the air as all 52 anglers got registered for the morning event. With lots of excitment we were all ready to hit the ice. It was awesome to see the turn out as good as it was for such a new series. Directors Bill an Rob helped man the trailer as Lynsey got everyone signed in with there Memberships an Entry Fee's. While they were taking care of buisness inside the trailer David and my self (Brandon) were able to go around and chat with all the new faces. There were lots of questions regarding the layout and how the season was gonna unfold.

After getting everyone signed in we made a last minute change to the rules that would allow anglers to hit the ice at 7:15AM. They were able to head out and get there holes drilled and do some looking around for fish. The kicker was you couldn't drop a line until 7:30AM. We felt that was a fair way to do that.

As everyone headed out to there honey hole Lynsey was able to take some time out of here day to get some great pictures and do some interviews with that anglers threw out the day. So a big thanks to here for doing that.

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The day was chilly and the wind was blowing but that didn't stop the anglers from catching fish. With names like Mike Boedeker/Norm Smith you had to be on your A game. If your into Ice fishing tournaments the last name of Boedeker should ring a bell. They have traveled the world in search of a world Ice fishing title.

As I looked around we could see there were allot of rods bent over and pan fish were being pulled thew the ice. I had a moment to ask Lynesy how the day was going for most the Anglers, she replyied with a big smile. I think everyone is having a great time. Some were cold but it always seems when compitition is on the line that bitter wind and cold is ignored.

As 12:30 rolled around I had a chance to talk to some of the guys as they were heading off the ice. They were all saying it was gonna be a close battle, everyone caught them it was just gonna come down to whom ever found that school of big ones.

With the weigh in under way we were seeing some awesome fish roll across the scales. It was a mix of Crappie, Gills and perch. There was also a tip up side tournament going on that no one was able to capitalize on so we rolled that money over to the next event. After wrapping up the weigh in it was to no surprise that the team that found the crappies would come out on top. The team of father and son Keith and Ron Kniffen came out on top. After the awards were handed out I had a moment to talk with the father and son duo. They told me during practice they found some good crappie, but during the tournament they wern't able to get on that school right away. So they resorted to finding a few gills to get some fish in the bucket. After awhile they decided to try and locate that school out over some deep water. They said they knew they were there and just had to wait them out. As they did they came in with a impressive weight of 8.09lbs. I would also like to add Keith and his father have been a huge help to getting this series up and running. I have spent hours on the phone with him getting some pointers on rules and what not to do. So not only a congrates to him a big thank you as well.

After everything was said and done we at Never Enough Outdoors feel the event went well. It was fun to see all the anglers hanging out after the event talking about that one that got away. All and all we felt it was a great event and look forward to the countinuation of this series. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event on Wabisis Lake.


Never Enough Outdoors

Were Enough Is Never Enough


Place Team Weight LBS Points

1: Keith Kniffen/Ron Kniffen                     8.09    203 

2: Zack George/Anthony Rodrigez           6.37     202     

3: David Boedeker/jan Boedeker             6.21      201    

4: Mike Boedeker/Norm Smith                 6.01     196       

5: Rob Badder/Bill Ferris                          5.84    195

6: Chris Sadlowski/Jerry Rood                 5.77    194     

7: John Bondy/Scott Bondy                      5.59     193   

8: John Eilar/Kyle Ferris                         5.40     192 

9: Justin Axteil/Josh Deward                  5. 27     191           

10: Lukus Ansett/Adam Peterson             5.18     190

11: Jacob Shellenbarger/Ryan Whitlock  5.15      1 89 

12: Brandon Stanley/David Osterhout     5.14      187  

12: Brandt Hamik/Erik Jewell                  5.14      187       

14: Nick Kuperus/Tim Jewell                    4.90     185  

15: Tony Borghi                                         4.77     184 

16: Tom Wachowski/ Bob Wachowski       4.64     183     

17: Ben Whitley/Toddd Hochstetler         4.58     182    

18: Matt Pikaart                                      4.39      181  

19: Justyn Homik/Dan Fritch                  4.33       180  

20: Larry Shatluck/Kendall Cahoon     4.29       179  

21: Corbin Harrington/Chase Harrington 2.39 178

22: Shane Smith/ Robert Morcay           2.29 177

23: Greg Bartlett/Andrew Berkobeing 2.26 176

24: Matt Vanderjagt/Vicente Rodrigez 1.87 175

25: Bill Lehman/Dan Osterhout             --- 125

26: Fred Beachler/Caleb Beachler           ---- 125