Never Enough Outdoors Presents

West Michigan Frost Bite Tournament Series

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*Must put no less them 2 inches of water in the bottom of your bucket to keep fish from freezing up or building ice on them.


*Only your best 16 fish can be taken up to weigh in area, no sorting at weigh in station.


*At the end of the tournament you must be on LAND or in the staging area location or you will be considered late. If your on the ice you will be counted as late.


*$20 Membership (Per Team) all memberships $ will be paid out at the end of the Year Championship 


*$30 Entry Fee all paid back at the weigh-in


*16 Pan Fish Limit (Gills,Perch and Crappie) Rock Bass are not considered a pan fish. 

*There will be a Big Pan Fish Pot taken out of the Entry fee of $5 (optional)


*$5 side pot for Tip up fish...1 Tip up per Team Member, Flag must have anglers' name on it. (Pike,Musky, Walleye

 *2 Man team ( 1 sub allowed)


*Can NOT claim another hole outside of your 10ft perimeter. Once a hole is left open another angler an come in an fish that hole. 

*No Pre-Fishing 12 hours prior to the start of the Event

*Must remain on permitted waters only

*ΒΌ pound penalty per minute if you're late to weigh in check in point, anything after 5 min. you will be considered DQ.

*Only allowed one line in the water at a time ( Tip up doesn't count towards a line)

*All Pan fish caught have to be put into a bucket or pale.
*Ties will be broken by your  biggest Pan fish weighed in(Please have your biggest fish out an ready to be weighed first)

*Must fish 3-4 events to qualify for the Championship



NO ATV's, UTV's or Snow Machines


We will take off from the staging area at 7:15AM. You can head to your spot and get set up, drill your holes ect. BUT YOU CAN NOT DROP A LINE IN THE WATER UNTIL 7:30AM or YOU HEAR A AIR HORN GO OFF.

*We will weigh the fish in straight pounds ( Ex. 5.67lbs)


* Must Remain within 30 YARDS of your team mate. I am not gonna be there to enforce this rule. But you will have a Team # tag on your coat or hat during the event so that other anglers can monitor that. (The only instance were this rule can be changed is when your either retrieving a tip up. Weather it be flag up or just moving it.) Obviously bathroom breaks or emergency cases the rule is obsolete.


There will be a panel of Directors to determain a issue. Any protest must be taken to a director before the weigh-in is complete.


We Payout 1 spot for every 5 entry's.
 Pay 2 Places - 60% / 40%
Pay 3 Places - 50% / 30% / 20%
Pay 4 Places - 50% / 25% / 15% / 10%
Pay 5 Places - 50% / 20% / 15% / 10% / 5%
Pay 6 Places - 42% / 27% / 11% / 9% / 6% / 5% 

Points are based on 200

First place will receive a extra 3 points for a win. Second will receive 2 points third will recieve extra 1 point. 

You get 125 points awarded if you don't weigh in any fish or have to leave early.