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West Michigan Frost Bite Tournament Series

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Wabisis Lake 

     What a way to bring in the 2nd event of the series. For the 30 teams that had pre-fished this event knew they needed to bring there walking shoes. For some it was a 100 yrd walk for others its was right around a 2 mile walk to the fishing grounds. My self being one of those teams that had found fish well off the beaten path knew there was gonna be nothing fun about my morning commute.      

    Wabisis Lake isn't the biggest lake around but when you add in a foot of snow, windy conditions and pulling your jet sled that walk seems to be endless. It reminded me of a movie I had watched the other day called the Kolindike. The way the teams were all in a path that a snowmobile had made to the other end of the lake. Everyone was hoping to find gold at the other end. 

  For the 10 or so teams that made the 45 minute walk it seemed to have paid off, after we had arrived and teams plugged a few holes I noticed allot of bent rods and some really decent crappie being pulled from the holes. With the weather cold and the fishing good we all knew this was probably gonna be the winning area. 

   Around 11:30 most started on there way back, some with big smiles and others who looked like they were in some serious pain dreading the walk back to the staging area.  After we had all arrived back there was this hill leading up to the trailer and wouldn't you know it, it was up hill. The looks on some guys faces were priceless. We had positioned the trailer along side a snow bank and that's were most guys were sitting down watching the weigh in trying to catch there breath. 

  I was on Facebook the other day and here is quote from a well known name in the ice fishing world. Mrs. Janice Boedeker ( What a long walk and what a hard fought battle the fish I had left on Thursday Had moved slightly but I couldn't get on em before another team did. Still Had a blast catching crappies all day Ended up in 4th place and some cash so all in all a great day on the ice great job to everyone who made it out today. Norm and mike there really is no quit in that outfit!)  

 Congates to the teams who stuck it out by the ramp it was a hard fought battle, and to see some of those teams compete with the teams that made the long walk.


Place                                               Total Weight      Points Awarded

1: Keith Kniffen/Ron Kniffen                       11.02      203       

2 Chris Sadlowski/Jerry Rood                    10.79       202   

3:Mike Boedeker/Norm Smith                     8.81        201  

4: Zack George/Anthony Rodrigez              7.59       196    

5: Brandon Stanley/David Osterhout         7.13         195

6: Steph Sissell/Chad Schaub                    6.47        194

7; Larry Shatluck/Kendall Cahoon              5.64         193

8: Greg Bartlett/Andrew Berkobeing          4.43          192

9: Jacob Shellenbarger/Ryan Whitlock      4.36         191

10: Dave/Jan Boedeker                             4.22          190 

11:Nick Kuperus/Tim Jewell                      4.17          189        

12 Tom Wachowski/ Bob Wachowski        3.38          188

13: John Eilar/Kyle Ferris                           3.75          187

14: Matt Pickaart/Joel Appel                      3.02          186

15: Shane Smith/ Robert Morcay               3.02         185

16:Tony Borghi/Brenda                               2.84         184

17: Fred Beachler/Caleb Beachler              2.13         183

18: John Bondy/Scott Bondy                      1.82         182

19: Justyn Homik/Dan Fritch                      1.53        181

20: Corbin Harrington/Chase Harrington    1.39        180

21: Lukus Ansett/Adam Peterson                1.17       179

22: Bill Lehman/Dan Osterhout                    0.96       178   

23:Brian Hanford/Josh Hanford                   0.89        177

24:Justin Axteil/Josh Deward                      0.35         176    

25:Ken Koena/Ryan Kuieck                        -----           125

26: Matt Vanderjagt/Vicente Rodrigez        -----          125

27: Ben Whitley/Todd Hochstetler               -----          125

28:Robert Badder/Bill Ferris                        -----          125

29:David/Justin                                            -----           125